Overnighter™ SUV Door Cover

Quick. Easy. Comfortable. Camping Made Easy.

The Overnighter™ SUV Door Cover with Screen and Canopy turns your SUV into a comfortable sleeping area. Enjoy the security, space, and ease of sleeping in your SUV when you install the Overnighter™ onto one of the rear passenger doors. You can roll-down the window for air flow without letting insects inside due to the fine mesh screen that keeps no-see-ums, mosquitos and other biting insects outside where they belong. The door remains completely operable allowing ingress and egress possible.

The Overnighter™ installs easily by stretching around the perimeter of the door using the built-in elastic band.

No tools required.

Protection from insects and animals.

The Overnighter™ has a built-in screen to keep biting insects outside where they belong. Wild animals are not much of a concern when you are safely sleeping inside your vehicle with the Overnighter™.

Useful for emergencies.

Works great for emergencies like broken windows, too. Just slip on the door cover and you can keep the interior of your SUV from rain damage.


The Overnighter™ Door Cover is a  universal fit for mid to full-size SUV rear passenger doors that sets up in seconds, by stretching around your rear door. No Tools Needed. But that’s not all, the retractable canopy and No-See-Um screen mesh keep bugs and rain out while allowing ventilation. Use two Overnighters™ for total cross-ventilation in your SUV!

  • Made from Rip-Stop material
  • Support Poles for canopy
  • No-See-Um screen mesh keeps insects and bugs out!
  • Canopy protects your interior from the elements
  • Screen has dual zippers for easy access through the window
  • Comes with a pouch and fits in your glove box

Protection from wind and rain.

The Overnighter™ has a built-in canopy to keep rain out, and it also serves as a sun-shade to keep the inside cool. When the weather kicks up, taking cover in your vehicle during intense storms is much safer than being in a tent.

Use a guy rope attached to the canopy to keep it extended properly in high winds.