Hello Everyone! Roadie Products is super pumped to launch our first product The Overnighter™ Door Cover with rectractable canopy and zippered screen. This awesome outdoor product will change the way you think about sleeping in your SUV or pick-up truck. The Overnighter™ makes sleeping in your vehicle more comfortable, more safe, and just plain old more fun! You can create a relaxing and comfortable place in the back area of your vehicle and slip on the Overnighter™ to any of the rear doors. With it installed you can still open and close your door, allowing you access in our out, plus you can also access the inside or outside through the zippered fly and screen. The retractable canopy is held in place by small fiberglass poles which keep out the sun and rain while you are relaxing inside your vehicle. The Overnighter™ has a self-contained pouch, so you can squish it up and stow it away quickly and easily, and pop it into your glove box for the next time you are camping, tailgating, or mixing it up at a festival. Grab your Roadie Overnighter™ today!